Gavin Stuart


More often than not, finding out what you love doing most is about recovering an old love or an inescapable truth that has been silenced for years, even decades. When you come to your dream job, your thing, it is rarely a first encounter. It’s usually a reunion.
— Jon Acuff

I love this idea – where we are constantly driven to become something, we often forget who we are.  My music is most certainly a reunion – and my emergence from the safety of our basement to the exposure of the stage has been a long time in the making. I like to use the phrase: Born Into But Brand New. Growing up in Edmonton, AB, I was blessed to be born into a musical family and I remember stories of road trips with Vince Gill & Alan Jackson on the tape deck. As a kid, with the help of our Mom, music was a part of our daily life and it wasn't long before a dream took root. However, the leap from dream to reality was a long way off and, after high school,  I branched into pursuing another passion – Aviation – fulfilling an aspiration which I am grateful to share with my Dad: Flying. As an Airline Pilot,  my career has taken me all over the country – from the Arctic to the West Coast – providing a view unseen by many. However, the craving for a foundation, a return to family, and that quiet feeling that there is something left undone – has given me a songwriting voice which I have never before experienced. Full circle, I am being drawn back to my roots, to a life in music, and to the storytelling that country provides. 

I am just thrilled to be sharing this journey; thank you for being a part. 

– Gavin